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67 Wall Street Suite 2411

New York, New York 10005-3198

Contact: Charles E. Waugh

Telephone: 212-907-8278


September 14, 1999


A Developer’s Dream

FastPath, Inc., a software development company, is excited to announce their new IBM Mainframe Source Partioned Data Set (PDS) backup and recovery software, ReMember. This new program was designed to make mainframe backup and recovery simpler than ever. ReMember has three primary uses. They include backing up members that have changed since the previous backup, maintaining complete copies of all previous versions of all members, and allowing easy recovery of any member from previous versions.

"There’s nothing like it on the market," says Charles E. Waugh, Vice President of FastPath, Inc. "We created this program to save a developer’s time and to reduce the anguish associated with saving bad information. Before we designed ReMember, developers had to restore an entire library if someone made a mistake and corrupted a single library member." The product uses an innovative approach to fill a gap that has frustrated developers for years. ReMember is the first of many software utilities to come out of FastPath, Inc.

ReMember is more than just a mainframe backup and recovery tool. It’s on-line interface, using ISPF panels and dialogs, allows you to browse all previous versions of all source members. This feature simplifies the process of deciding which version of a member to restore. It also can be used to research any changes that have occurred in a library since the first ReMember backup. ReMember can also add statistics to a PDS directory to speed up all future backups.

A trial copy of ReMember is available over the phone at (212) 907-8278 or through the Internet at www.fastpathinc.com .

FastPath Inc. is located at 67 Wall Street, Suite 2411, New York, NY 10005-3198.