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ReMember is an IBM Mainframe Source PDS (Partitioned Data Set) backup and recovery tool.  ReMember backs up only those members of a PDS(E) that have changed since the previous backup.  Remember also keeps track of all versions of every member of a PDS and allows easy recovery of any member from previous versions.

 Because ReMember uses highly efficient compression technologies and only backs up members that have changed since previous backups, every previous version of every source member resides on DASD.  These features allow ReMember to quickly and easily restore a PDS member using either the ISPF Dialog Manager panels provided with the product or a simple batch job.

You do not have to wait for someone in DASD management to restore a previous version of your library from tape and then select the one member that you need restored and move that back to the original library.  You can do the job yourself in a matter of seconds.

Do you need to see what changes have been made to a particular source member over the past year?  Simple!  Do a compare between any previous version and the current version and your job is done.


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