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Most backup utilities are limited to writing 32K tape blocks.  MAXIO allows an application program to read/write records from/to tape using the maximum block size allowed.  For most systems, this means 64K tape blocks.  Also, MAXIO uses the full 64K block for record storage, spanning records between tape blocks.

MAXIO is particularly effective for backups of files with large records.  If your file record size is between 16K and 32K, your current backups can only fit one record per tape block.  With MAXIO, you can fit between 2 and 4 records per tape block, significantly reducing the number of tapes required for large files.

MAXIO also allows an application program to process more than one backup file in a single execution.  You can specify the ddname of your first backup file, read the file to end-of-file, close that file, and open the next file under a second ddname.

The MAXIO utility programs are written in machine language, making them compact and fast.  These utilities can be called by batch programs written in assembler language  as well as any of the high level languages, ie: Cobol, PLI, etc.


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