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Product Description

The government has recently enacted legislation to safe guard the privacy and integrity of  confidential medical records.  At FastPath, Inc. we have responded by creating a utility which encrypts and decrypts records, or fields within a record to help companies comply with this new legislation.

These utility programs are written in machine language, making them compact, fast, and reentrant.  This means that they may be put into the system Link Pack Area (LPA), making them even faster and easier to call.  These utilities can be called by both batch and CICS programs.  They may be called by programs written in assembler language  as well as any of the high level languages, ie: Cobol, PLI, C++, etc.

FXCIPHER has a unique time saving feature, which allows only certain fields
to be encrypted/decrypted instead of the entire record.

Also the encryption/decryption key fields and lengths may be controlled by a
Security Administrator, thereby removing the responsibility from the application
programmers. This is accomplished by creating a CIPHER_KEY load module, which is
loaded by the called subroutine.



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